Minicab driver job opportunities that come with us the most exclusive benefits

Mini cab drivers job openings have been put forward by our mini cab service for skilled drivers who hold a pco license in uk. We are looking for experienced individuals who have a good grip on the vehicle while on the road and have an in-depth knowledge of the topography of london. After being employed the candidate is to start their training promptly.

Our mini cab company is a well-known provider of high standard minicab with driver services. We are famous for providing outstanding services since the past thity years. And we continue to satisfy our patrons without compromising the quality of our services. Additionally, we also present to our patrons a vast variety of transport services including airports transfers, school runs, wedding and birthday hires, tour services and much more!

To us; the contentment of our clientele is our priority. Therefore, we are looking to employ a staff which also holds the same views.

To provide top-notch services we require drivers who execute their jobs honestly and with their 100% effort. This job entails a good amount of experience in the driving profession along with deep familiarity with the attractions and tourist spots in london so that they can advise those visiting london on which places they should see and visit and so on. For this purpose, they also need to have a good command over english language.

Our job is mainly based on cash as a payment and the hires are either

We equip our drivers with speedy mini cabs, fuel, insurance, maintenance and training which makes them the best executors of their services. We provide regular breaks to our employed drivers so that they manage to stay fresh throughout their work hours. All the tips that our employed drivers collect are theirs to keep. Where we prioritize the contentment of our clients we also believe in keeping our employed staff happy as well. All complaints by our staff are taken in serious consideration and appropriate steps are taken to deal with such situations.

We expect our employed drivers to give their best shot while servicing our patrons as we are searching for someone we and our passengers can depend upon

Requirements for the eligibility of the candidates applying for this job opening

A general pleasant disposition, easy manner of conversation and a prior experience on the road and dealing with clients is highly appreciated by us. We are a distinguished mini cab firm located in london and therefore we seek to hire the cream of the candidates available.

A general outline of what the job requires a candidate to do is

Our firm is known for it's above par services and therefore we are looking to employ candidates who are passionate about their job and can fulfill their duties honestly.

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